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We truly believe it has made our relationship stronger.It all started in the summer of 2008, soon after the birth of our second daughter and [when] I was in the throes of postpartum depression.Before we had children, we were pretty wild — we’d have sex five or six times a week, and even did the deed in Central Park after open-air concerts like Summer Stage. ” We had our three-bedroom starter home in the suburbs and, though we loved our girls, I worried our lives would become boring. Then, one night, we watched a late-night documentary series on HBO about swingers called “Real Sex.” Ray, who, like me, has always been open-minded, leaned over to me and said: “You know, that’s something I can imagine us doing when we’re older.” I don’t know what came over me, but I replied: “Why wait until we’re older? Around the same time, I’d started chatting online with a woman I’d met through the moms Web site Turns out she and her husband, married for 20 years, were into wife-swapping.I’d told her how depressed I was, and we just clicked. “You don’t have to sleep with every couple you meet,” she told me.

Talula's Talula's -- a new gourmet pizza spot with a small bar -- has quickly become popular for its personal pies and artisan cocktails.

The staff is dedicated to farm-to-table, and the atmosphere is open and light.

Definitely a sophisticated, city-centric vibe here. The first date is flexible here -- in and out in an hour, or stay for a while, sip a fancy gin drink and chat about how you came to Asbury before it was cool. Talula's in Asbury Park, offers a specialty bakery, pizza and bar menu.

Play More Sport & Social Club reinvigorates your weekly schedule by offering Sports Leagues and Social Events fit for your adult lifestyle. Playmore is not just a social sports league; it is more personal than that.

My flag football journey started in 2014 and through the years the team has evolved.

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