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The other day I was at the grocery store here in L.

and I was reaching into the dairy area for a smoothie or something, and the girl beside me goes, "Oh, you're Jody," and I turned to her and I go, "No I'm Amanda, I did play Jody a while ago.'I don’t think I’m ever going to sacrifice my figure for anyone else to accept me.'The series, which features numerous professional dancers, including 38-year-old Sascha Radetsky, who starred in the 2000 film Center Stage, explores the dysfunctional aspect of the ballet industry.

Before you start to worry, take a breath: Yes, Peter Gallagher is back as American Ballet Academy boss Jonathan Reeves, Sascha Radetsky is back as dancer (and now choreographer) Charlie, and Ethan Stiefel is back as cocky dancer-turned-choreographer Cooper Nielson (you know—great choreographer, sucky boyfriend).

We checked in with the now 32-year-old to find out what she's been up to for the past decade and if she and the erstwhile Eva Rodriguez (Saldana's "Center Stage" character, for the uninitiated) are still pals.

After all, Tarantino had been pursuing Thurman for decades, describing her as his "muse," stuffing his films with unsettling extended close-ups of her feet, and having John Travolta plunge a hypodermic into her chest in Pulp Fiction because he figured that was the closest he'd get to penetration., Us Weekly can confirm that the two have taken their relationship to the next level.

Uma Thurman has long been Quentin Tarantino's muse, but in 2014 they were spotted kissing outside a restaurant.

The four were on hand to shoot promos for the '90s series, which is headed for syndication.

He is the founder and Chairman of the EIM Group, a fund of funds company.

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The attention brought to mind the mind Renee Zellwger's new look from back in October that also sparked rumors of plastic surgery gone wrong.

It's not hard to get jealous of these men that Uma Thurman has gone out with, so try your hardest to contain your envy.

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