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An Order of Protection could have saved her life, but according to South Carolina law, she was too young to get one.We’re asking the South Carolina legislature to create “Sierra’s Law,” which would allow people under 18 to get Orders of Protection from abusive partners.Her mother Betty was the daughter of Susanna, an enslaved African, and John Hemings, an English sea captain.Evangelist Franklin Graham prayed on a sidewalk outside the Pentagon Thursday after his invitation to a prayer service inside was withdrawn because of comments that insulted people of other religions.Hemings' children lived in Jefferson's house as slaves and were trained as artisans.

Every time Sierra left Crolley he would find a way to stalk and harass her.

The historical question of whether Jefferson was the father of Hemings' children is known as the Jefferson–Hemings controversy.

Following renewed historic analysis in the late 20th century and a 1998 DNA study that found a match between the Jefferson male line and a descendant of Hemings' last son, Eston Hemings, there is a near-consensus among historians that Jefferson fathered her son Eston Hemings and probably all her children.

They were seven-eighths European in ancestry, and three of the four entered white society as adults. Sally Hemings was born about 1773 to Betty Hemings (1735–1807), a biracial woman who was enslaved.

Her father was their master John Wayles (1715–1773).

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