Double dating rar

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@echo off setlocal Enable Delayed Expansion "%Program Files%\Win RAR\rar.exe" a -ag YYYY-MM-DD -cfg- -ep1 -inul -m5 -r -y "F:\data_.rar" "D:\data\" for %%I in (F:\data_*.rar) do ( set "Rar File Name=%%~n I" set "New File Name=! %%~x I" ) endlocal For understanding the used commands in the batch code above and how they work, open a command prompt window, execute there the following commands, and read entirely all help pages displayed for each command very carefully.Modern operating systems and a number of third party utilities support zipping and unzipping installed and used for creating ZIP files as part of the upload, production upload, and load file process.

If this occurs, it may be possible to zip up a collection on one system but not unzip it on another without errors.

But it has to be like this: -tb2015-01-01 Is there a way of specifying "anything earlier than 3 days ago"?

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You need to enable this option manually if you wish to associate Win RAR with * Unless "Allow absolute paths in symbolic links" extraction dialog option or -ola command line switch are specified, Win RAR does not allow to extract symbolic links with ".." in target if any of link path components is an existing symbolic link itself.

It is done to prevent bypassing Win RAR security checks with chains from several symbolic links. Bugs fixed: a) if "Add" command was used from inside of archive opened in Win RAR interface, "file not found" error could be issued for files which pathnames included spaces; b) fixed crashes when unpacking corrupt RAR archives; c) "rar a arc.

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