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Our video has been banned and we have been alerted that we are to be arrested and charged anytime." At a press conference recorded by KTV24, Ezekiel Mutua, CEO of Kenya's Film Classification Board, described Art Attack's video as illegal, due to its "lyrics that strongly advocate for gay rights in Kenya, complete with graphic sexual scenes between people of the same gender as well as depiction of nudity or pornography." At its most graphic, the video features a split-second shot of two men kissing, one with a visible posterior.

Other shots feature same-sex couples in bed, though camera angles obscure any actual nudity or direct depiction of sex.

A woman was almost raped in Kenya , when she boarded a matatu while drunk The video I am sharing features a women getting sexually assaulted in a matatu.

Thousands of girls and boys are involved in full-time child prostitution One of the most prominent reasons for prostitution is poverty.

Up to 30,000 girls between the ages of 12 and 14 are being lured into the industry after being promised with riches and trips abroad after the sexual activity is done; as we would conclude nothing is actually given to them afterwards and these girls then fall into the trap of prostitution in which they can’t get out of afterwards.

A study by UNICEF found that there is a high level of acceptance of prostitution and commercial sexual abuse not only by tourists, but by the people of Kenya including parents of the girls that are involved in these acts.

In its original version, "Same Love," by American duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, featured a hook by out singer Mary Lambert — whose haunting chorus, announcing that "I can't change, even if I tried," remains in Art Attack's version.

In Art Attack's remix, one of the main characters writes a suicide note, saying he is unable to take the pain, stigma and hate directed toward him.

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