Elucidating the mashup hype

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Sixx Mixx 111 - 12/30/2005 - The Final Countdown - Top Ten Sixx Mixx Mashups of 2005 10.

Dre & Snoop "You're The One That I Want In The Next Episode" (Disfunctional DJ) 4.

Please e-mail me at [email protected] you have any trouble. Mylo "Walking With A Ghost In Paris" (Party Ben) 8.

The mp3 files are tagged with the displayed artwork, date and episode title, as well as a full tracklisting in the "Lyrics" tab.

But did they really need to replace David Prowse’s dialogue?

Wellllll, here’s this clip of David Prowse reading Vader’s lines in But really, I don’t care if it’s the biggest opening weekend of all time.

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I’ve presented yesterday in Los Angeles a talk on the gateways I’ve been talking about for months.

The Sixx Mixx was my LIVE 105 radio show which ran from June 27, 2003 to Dec. In honor of its 10th anniversary, I'm remastering the original shows and posting them here as 320kbps mp3s, along with track listings and some additional commentary and context.

Downloads are direct file links (right-click and select "save as") or links to Mediafire, although many episodes tripped Mediafire's automatic copyright scan and thus only have direct downloads.

It was only after he’d shot his scenes – delivering all lines on set – that George Lucas hired a new voice.

James Earl Jones worked for one day on the first Star Wars, and was paid only ,000 for recording the lines.

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