Who is wendy williams dating

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She says that the USC graduate is mature enough to see that the woman he was going to marry didn’t love him the way he thought she did.

She can't talk."Earlier this year, she also criticized Bey's Ariana Grande Williams found herself at war with the 23-year-old's fans when she seemingly body-shamed her in 2015."She's 21.Wendy Williams told the studio audience that it is absolutely puzzling to think that out of all the siblings Rob has, not one of them could help him out of the situation that had put himself in with Blac.Of course, when referring to situations, Wendy Williams is talking about the constant feuds and arguments the couple had found themselves in throughout their one-year relationship together.The success of Patti La Belle's pie line has landed her a cooking show.Plus, Brad Pitt was cleared of all allegations of abuse and hit the red carpet for his new movie premiere.

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