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I could tell he was annoyed that I wasn’t falling all over him after hearing his bragging."Visibly frustrated, he decided to inform me that his ex-girlfriend knew me, and that when she found out we were going on a date, she’d called me a whore.a specific something to happen, but much to my surprise, it never did. People had been getting in my head, and I realized I had forgotten all about the dog’s insanely expensive heartworm meds.I must say that I am a bit surprised that I had to take a break from online dating sites for this momentous occasion to arise, but it FINALLY happened! The icing on the cake was having a tent and racks of clothes collapse on me at a festival. I changed into comfy clothes, and logged onto my personal Facebook page. (If someone not connected to you on Facebook sends a message- it doesn’t let it through until you accept.) The message said “Hi” and I accepted the message: Continue reading Tags: creepy, dating advice, dick pics, funny, hilarious, men, men vs women, messages, online dating advice, online dating blog, online dating horror stories, online dating messages, online dating tips, onlinedating, relationships, unsolicited dick pics made no sense… Tags: creepy, dating, dating advice, dating blog, don'ts for dudes, eharmony, fetishes, funny, hilarious, hookups, men, men vs women, Ok Cupid, online dating, online dating advice, online dating blog, online dating fail, online dating horror stories, online dating messages, online dating profile, online dating tips, onlinedating, plenty of fish, POF, stupid messages, tinder I talked about this exchange a little bit on my weekly dating podcast, “Nothing In Common.” If you aren’t subscribed to that, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE!?These daters were tricked into thinking they were in for a treat—but things got freaky quicker than a D-list scary movie.

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I got the sense that he was trying to instigate some sort of catfight to feed his ego, and I wasn’t going to play into it, so I changed the subject.

Going on the first date with someone is usually a hit or miss.

Whether it's a date with someone you're well acquainted with or a complete stranger, a first date disaster is always possible. Spending one-on-one time with someone for the first time can be intimidating.

But as bad as they get, odds are that things could’ve gone worse.

Take for instance these true first date horror stories…

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